RFID network reader writer

Silver, deep empty gray, gold, or rose gold anodized metal case

  • Model: Customized Card


RM530-Q-A is A HF reader that meets the ISO14443-A protocol.Connect to PC and related devices via TCP/IP or WIFI wireless communication.The driver development package of various platforms is provided at random, and the accompanying demo program implements all the functions of accessing the radio frequency card.

It is a necessary front-end processing equipment for developing non-contact card related application products and systems, and its rich and perfect interface communication function is widely used in smart card management and application system.


Supports the operation of Type A CPU card

Support WIFI+TCP/IP (POE) communication

A buzzer and a two-color LED indicator light

Communication interface can be set to WIFI mode or wireless network card mode or wireless routing mode

The SOCKET interface can be set to either server mode or client mode

RFID can be set to automatically detect card upload data mode or passive read-write card mode



Membership Management

Network Security 

Digital Signature 

Software Lock

Production Process Management

Computer Security Management

Customer Bonus Points Scheme

Electronic Wallet Recharge and Balance Query

Stored-value,Social Security,Ticket Service,Bank, Tax, Commerce, Industry, Telecommunication, Postal




ISO/IEC 14443-A

Supporting Card

Mifare S50/S70/Ultralight,Mifare Pro



Power Supply

External 9V or POE power supply

Read Distance

0-8cm(Depending on label size and antenna technology)

Baud Rate

9600-115200bit/s(Configurable , default 9600)

Operating Temperature


Housing Material






  • Apple Watch

  • Magnetic charging cable (2 meters)

  • USB power adapter (5W)

  • The strap (the movement type strap can be assembled into the length of S/M or M/L)

  • quick start guide